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Use our proprietary fill-in-the-blank software to instantly transform your sermon notes into an interactive form your congregation can save to their email, google drive, online account, or local device.

Sermon Note Features

View our pricing plans below to see what features are included in our various packages.


Instantly Convert Your Note

In under 5 seconds, you can upload and convert your Word document into a full featured fill-in-the-blank sermon note.

Save to Website, Email, PDF, or Google Drive

Users can easily email their completed notes or save them as PDFs to their device or Google drive. With FaithNotes Custom, users can save to their online account.

Private Note Taking

Users can create a comprehensive note for each sermon and/or insert private notes anywhere they want within the sermon note. Both will be incorporated into their PDFs and emails.

Integrated Bible Linking

Scripture references are automatically converted into clickable hovering popups right inside the notes page. Choice of bible version included.

Increase Online Giving

At the top of each fill-in-the-blank sermon note is a colored 'give' button that users will always notice. Users never leave the page to give.

Add Live Video & Audio

Embed your live video stream to allow users at home to watch while taking notes. Both video and notes show, in split screen, inside notes page. Add recorded video & audio too to your sermon note archives!

Note Scheduling

Put multiple sermon notes at once in the system. Schedule the posting of each note ahead of time.

Integrated Bible Search

Without leaving your sermon note, people can access the bible in a side panel and search for what they need. Choice of bible version included.

Sermon Note Archives

Archives are automatically saved so users can access your past sermon notes at anytime.

Interaction Stats

Gain insights into the statistics, showcasing the number of visitors who have accessed your sermon notes and shared them via email or PDF.

Integrated Forms

Users can conveniently submit prayer requests, questions, comments, and survey responses directly from the sermon note interface, eliminating the need to navigate away.

Import Calendar & News

Manually enter announcements each week or automatically sync them from your current church website, calendar, or Facebook account.

Embed in your Website or App

Break free from the limitations of your app provider's note-taking service. Our solution allows you to embed your sermon note into any website or app with ease and flexibility, including Planning Center integration.

Other Notes (Bible Studies) & Web Flyers

Beyond sermon notes, our platform empowers you to craft additional notes for Bible studies, small groups, or anything else you need. Plus, you can easily design interactive web flyers with our intuitive web card creation software. View Demo Web Card

sermon notes can display inside your church app or linked from church website

Embed in your website or mobile app

FaithNotes is fully website based

-- No separate app required --

Avoid inconveniencing church members with the necessity of downloading yet another app. Your church community can effortlessly engage with your interactive, fill-in-the-blank sermon notes through a variety of easy options:


  • Direct Link: Simply click a link on your church’s website to join.
  • QR Code: A quick scan brings faith to your fingertips.
  • Memorable URL: Access FaithNotes through an easy-to-remember web address.
  • Website & App Integration: Embed FaithNotes seamlessly in your existing mobile app or church website.

Demo Note:  Scan QR Code to Wiew on Phone or Click Here to View on Desktop

fill in the blank sermon notes digital bulletin

online interactive church bulletin

Upgrading to FaithNotes Pro transforms your sermon notes page to become a fully functional online bulletin, where users stay inside the sermon notes page while being able to:

  • Give online
  • Listen to your sermons or watch online (live or recorded)
  • Read your announcements & upcoming calendar events
  • Send feedback, questions, and prayer requests
  • Works with Planning Center, Easytithe, and many more….
  • and much more….
Upgrade to FaithNotes Custom & gain access to these upgraded features:
  • Users can save their notes inside the website for easier viewing later on
  • Customize your notes site to better fit your needs & goals
  • Full customization of interact side panel
  • Full customization of colors
  • Use sermon graphic as banner
  • Add images within your sermon note

Every Note is interactive

*NEW FEATURE* No need to manually add note and input fields anymore to make your notes interactive. With our innovative note and highlighter tool, every note you upload becomes interactive by default! (Pro Package & Above)
Watch Our Note & Highlight Demo Video Below

Sermon Notes Pricing PlanS

No credit card required to signup. Each account begins with a free 30-day trial of FaithNotes Pro.


$9/monthif paid annuallyEquivalent of 2 months free! $11/month

The essentials for your interactive sermon notes
  • Users can access archive of past 60 days of sermon notes
  • Embedding of notes seamlessly into your own website
  • Schedule the posting of your sermon notes ahead of time
  • Users can email filled-in notes or save as PDF to their device or Google Drive
  • Convert sermon file into interactive fill-in-the-blank note with 2 clicks (or type your sermon note directly into our editor)
  • Built-in Bible search (various versions)
  • Automated Bible verse linking
  • Users can add a private note for each sermon
  • Your own unique QR code to print


Signup for Free TrialSignup for Free Trial

$14/monthif paid annuallyEquivalent of 2 months free! $17/month

Go beyond sermon notes and offer a full digital bulletin
  • Everything in Essentials, plus:
  • Users can access all past sermon notes
  • View stats for each sermon note
    (views, emails, & PDF downloads)
  • Add 'online giving' button
    (give form is viewable inside note)
  • Incorporate live video within each note and allow attaching recorded sermon videos or audio files to them.
  • Integrated connect card, prayer & guest survey forms inside your notes
    (add links to 2 of your own forms)
  • Add your announcements or sync from your website
  • Users can add private contextual notes inside the sermon note itself anywhere they want
  • Users can highlight sentences
  • Add clickable web links in your note


Signup for Free TrialSignup for Free Trial

$19/monthif paid annuallyEquivalent of 2 months free! $23/month

Add images anywhere
  • Everything in Essentials & Pro, plus:
  • Use sermon images as your sermon note banner (full width at top of note)
  • Upload & add images within your sermon note
  • Upload & add images within your web cards
  • Media manager access to easily manage and reuse images quickly
  • (Annual Plan Only) Free access to Unlimited


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions concerning our cloud-based FaithNotes sermon software:


By default, only the latest published note added will be displayed at the unique notes URL provided to you. This URL serves as your official notes page during your church service. To ensure your congregation can access these notes, you have several options:

Link from Your Church Website: You can include a direct link to the unique notes URL on your church website. By doing this, congregants can easily access the latest sermon notes by visiting your website.

Link from QR Code: Consider including a QR code within your church bulletins. This QR code will directly link congregants to your unique notes page when scanned using a mobile device. We can offer free QR codes upon request.

Integrate into Your Church App: Another effective method is to embed the notes page within your church's mobile app. We can guide you on how to set up this integration based on your specific app provider. This ensures that your congregation can conveniently access the notes through the app they already use.

Custom Web Page: Consider creating a dedicated page on your church website, such as "," which redirects to your unique sermon notes page URL. This simplifies advertising and promotes easy access. Detailed instructions for setting up this redirection will be provided upon signing up for our service.

Following the initial 30-day period, you will have the option to subscribe to one of our premium packages by logging into your account and clicking the UPGRADE HERE button on the user menu at the top of the page.

Upgrading to Essential or Pro: Should happen right away with payment.

Upgrading to Custom: Please allow 1-2 business days for us to setup your FaithNotes Custom website.

For churches exceeding 700 unique users on a Sunday morning, we may require you upgrade to FaithNotes Custom. This is crucial to prevent server overload due to high traffic, ensuring uninterrupted access for all users. FaithNotes Custom offers a high-capacity server (separate from the main site) specifically designed to handle such intense traffic spikes. Our team will regularly review usage logs to assess whether this upgrade is necessary for your church and will inform you in advance if such a change is advisable.

You have 3 options:

  • Save your sermon as a word document (.docx) and upload it right into our editor using the button you'll find there.
  • Copy and paste your sermon from your word processor right into the editor
  • Type your sermon note directly into our editor and mark up there what you want to be a FITB field
  • With the Custom account, you gain the ability to have us customize the look and functionality of your notes site based around your specific needs. No other sermon notes program lets you do that!

    You also get the ability to insert more of your own custom forms, and allow users to save their sermon notes directly on the site for easy & secure access anytime (no PDF viewer needed).

    If you JUST want to add the ability to add your own images into your notes and as your sermon note banner, we now offer package one step below called FaithNotes Media.

    We do not require any payment information during the signup process for the complimentary 30-day trial of FaithNotes. Should you wish to continue using our service after the initial 30 days, you can easily select a payment package within the website's settings area and provide your payment information to maintain your membership.

    Transforming your sermon notes into fill-in-the-blanks is a breeze. Just underline the words you wish to convert in your word processing program, and save it as a DOCX file. When you're in our software, a simple upload of your DOCX file is all it takes. With a single click, our software works its magic. Depending on the complexity, you might make some minor adjustments in our sermon editor to perfect the document.

    (Pro & Custom Only)

    You have the option to seamlessly incorporate the giving forms from your preferred Online Giving provider into your sermon notes page.

    If your selected Giving provider offers an embed code for the donation form, akin to what you see on our demo site, clicking the "Give" button at the upper right corner of the sermon notes will activate a popup window showcasing the donation form. This seamless integration ensures that users can make contributions without exiting the sermon notes interface.

    Alternatively, if your Giving provider only provides a link, that will also suffice. However, the embedded option is preferable for a smoother experience.

    (Pro & Custom Only)

    You have the flexibility to continue using your current live streaming provider.

    If your Video Streaming service provides an embed code for the player, similar to our demo site, clicking the "Watch" button in the upper right corner of the sermon note will open a popup displaying the video player above the notes. This enables viewers to watch and take notes simultaneously.

    Furthermore, you can include recorded video content within each sermon note, allowing individuals browsing your sermon note archives to watch while they follow along with the notes.

    FaithNotes automatically converts all your scripture references into popups, using whatever Bible translation you choose for that verse or note overall.

    Try out FaithNotes Pro for 30 days free. No payment or financial data needed.


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