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Digital Fill-in-the-Blank Sermon Notes

Increase giving  and member engagement with our interactive sermon notes / digital bulletins

Use our proprietary fill-in-the-blank software to instantly transform your sermon notes into an interactive form your congregation can save to their email, google drive,or local device.

Essential Features

Instantly Convert Your Word Files to Web Based Fill-In-the-Blank Sermon Notes

Upload and instantly convert your sermon .docx file into a fill-in-the-blank sermon note in less than 10 seconds.

Save to Email, PDF, or Google Drive

Users can email themselves a copy of their filled in notes or save them as a PDF to their devices / Google drive. Upgrade to FaithNotes Custom to allow your users to save their notes directly to their personal online account within the notes site.

Add Private Notes

Users can add their own private notes to each sermon in addition to filling in the sermon blanks. These notes will be attached to yours users PDF's and emails.

Integrated Bible Linking

Scripture references are automatically converted into clickable hovering popups right inside the notes page. Choice of bible version included.

Integrated Bible Search

Without leaving your sermon note, people can access the bible in a side panel and search for what they need. Choice of bible version included.

One Month of Sermon Note Archives

Users can access the past 30 days of sermon notes you've preached.

Note Scheduling

Put multiple fill-in-the-blank sermon notes at once in the system. Schedule the posting of each note ahead of time.

Pro Features

Increase Online Giving

At the top of each fill-in-the-blank sermon note is a colored 'give' button that users will always notice. Users never leave the page to give. Need online giving? Click here to signup for ours.

Add Live & Recorded Video

Embed your live video stream to allow users at home to watch while taking notes. Both video and notes show, in split screen, inside notes page. Add recorded video & audio too to your sermon note archives! Need an affordable live church video streaming solution? Click here

Unlimited Sermon Note Archives

Users can access all past sermon notes you've preached. No limits to how many you can add!

Interaction Stats

View stats of how many people visited your sermon note and sent by email or pdf.

Integrated Forms

Users can instantly send you prayers, questions, comments & survey answers without ever leaving the note. Add links to 2 other forms of your own.

Import Calendar & News

Manually enter announcements each week or automatically sync them from your current church website, calendar, or Facebook account.

More Features...

Our Pro package offers many more features you'll love! See our pricing chart below for more details.

fill in the blank sermon notes digital bulletin

Your interactive online church bulletin

Upgrading to FaithNotes Pro transforms your sermon notes page to become a fully functional online bulletin, where users stay inside the sermon notes page while being able to:

  • give online
  • listen to your sermons or watch online (live or recorded)
  • read your announcements & upcoming calendar events
  • send feedback, surveys, and prayer requests
  • and much more….
Upgrade to FaithNotes Custom & gain access to these upgraded features:
  • Users can save their notes inside the website for easier viewing later on
  • Customize your notes site to better fit your needs & goals
  • Full customization of interact side panel
  • Full customization of colors
  • Use sermon graphic as banner
  • Add images within your sermon note
sermon notes can display inside your church app or linked from church website
No app required!

FaithNotes are completely web based

For Desktop / Tablet / Phones

Don’t hinder church visitors by making them download ANOTHER app. Users can access your fill-in-the-blank sermon notes from any internet connected desktop, tablet, or smartphone via:

  • Your church website
  • Accessing a url you can give out to everyone
  • Your existing mobile app
sermon notes fill-in-the-blank dashboard

Sermon Notes Pricing Plans

No credit card required to signup. Every account starts out on free 30 day trial of FaithNotesPRO.


$5/monthif paid annuallyIncludes 3 months free! $7/month

The essentials for your interactive sermon notes
  • Users can access the past 30 days of sermon notes
  • Schedule the posting of your sermon notes ahead of time
  • Users can email filled-in notes or save as PDF to their device or Google Drive
  • Upload sermon word document or type your sermon note directly into our editor
  • Built-in Bible search (various versions)
  • Automated bible verse linking
  • Users can add private notes
Signup for Free TrialSignup for Free Trial

$12/monthif paid annuallyIncludes 3 months free! $15/month

Go beyond sermon notes and offer a full digital bulletin
  • Everything in Basic, plus:
  • Users can access all past sermon notes
  • Add 'online giving' button
    (give form is viewable inside note)
  • Add 'live video' stream
    (video player is viewable inside note)
  • Add recorded video / audio to sermon note archives
  • Integrated contact, prayer & guest survey forms inside your notes
    (add links to 2 of your own forms)
  • Sync your calendar and/or announcements from your website
  • View stats for each sermon
    (emails, hits, & PDF views)
  • Filled-in copy of notes made automatically for end user after Sunday
  • Add clickable web links within your note
Signup for Free TrialSignup for Free Trial

$23/monthif paid annuallyIncludes 2 months free! $28/month

+ One Time Minimum $75 Setup Cost Covers setting up your own sermon notes site and customizations requested
Customize the notes software around your specific needs
  • Everything in Essentials & Pro, plus:
  • *New:  Users can save their sermon notes directly to their personal account on the website. No PDF viewer needed.
  • We can customize your notes site to better fit your needs & goals
  • Full customization of interact side panel
  • Full customization of colors
  • Use sermon graphic as banner
  • Add images within your sermon note
  • Host using your own unique domain name instead of shared site  (ie.

Note: All My Church Website Design customers get FaithNotes PRO or CUSTOM for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions we get concerning our cloud based FaithNotes sermon software:

By default, only the latest published note added will show at the unique notes URL we give you. This is what will be your official notes page during your church service. You can either link to this unique URL from your church website and/or show the notes page inside your church app. We'll show you how to set that up based on your mobile app provider. You can also create a page on your church website called something like that would redirect to your unique sermon notes page URL. This way you can easily advertise it. We would provide you instructions on how to do so once you sign up.

After 30 days, you will have the option to signup for one of our paid packages. You will see a button to choose which account you want to use, Essential, Pro, or Custom.

Upgrading to Essential or Pro: Should happen right away with payment.
Upgrading to Custom: Please allow 1-2 business days for us to setup FaithNotesCUSTOM

You have 3 options:

  • Save your sermon as a word document (.docx) and upload it right into our editor using the button you'll find there.
  • Copy and paste your sermon from your word processor right into the editor
  • Type your sermon note directly into our editor and mark up there what you want to be a FITB field
  • With the Custom account, you gain the ability to have us customize the look and functionality of your notes site based around your specific needs. No other sermon notes program lets you do that!

    You also get the ability to insert more of your own custom forms, upload your own images, and allow users to save their sermon notes directly on the site for easy & secure access anytime.

    Because of all the manual work involved in customizing the notes software to meet your needs, we have to charge a customization fee.

    We can do most changes within the $75 cost, unless there is custom coding needed.

    We don't ask for any payment methods to signup for the free 30 day trial of FaithNotesPRO. If you decide you want to keep using it after 30 days, simply choose a payment package in the settings area of the website and provide payment details to keep your membership going.

    Transforming your sermon notes into fill-in-the-blanks is a breeze. Just underline the words you wish to convert in your word processing program, and save it as a DOCX file. When you're in our software, a simple upload of your DOCX file is all it takes. With a single click, our software works its magic. Depending on the complexity, you might make some minor adjustments in our sermon editor to perfect the document

    (Pro & Custom Only)

    You have the flexibility to integrate your preferred online giving provider giving forms into your sermon notes page.

    If your chosen giving provider provides an embed code for the donation form, similar to our demo site, clicking on the "Give" button located at the upper right corner of the sermon notes will trigger a popup displaying the donation form. This seamless integration ensures that individuals can make contributions without leaving the sermon notes interface.

    If your giving provider just offers a link, that will work too. Ideally, the embed option is better.

    (Pro & Custom Only)

    You can use your current live streaming provider

    If your live video streaming service offers embed code for the player like ours does, the watch button on the top right of the sermon note will open a popup with the video player showing above the note, so people can watch and take notes at the same time.

    You may also add recorded video to each sermon note so that those viewing your sermon note archives can watch while they follow along in the notes.

    Try out FaithNotesPRO for 30 days free. No payment or financial data needed.

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    About FaithNotes

    FaithNotes is an interactive web based "bulletin" for churches to use to engage their listeners / members through the use of fill-in-the-blank notes, giving, calendars, forms, live streaming, and more. Faithnotes is developed by My Church Website Design.