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Save Sermon Notes Online for Effortless Access & Easy Viewing

Fall 2023 Update

Problems We Addressed:

Saving & Viewing PDF Files on Mobile Devices

  • Finding previously downloaded PDF notes on mobile devices can be a source of frustration, often resulting in the inability to view past notes.
  • Viewing PDF text files on your phone can be highly inconvenient, often necessitating extensive zooming and scrolling.

At FaithNotes, we’ve addressed these challenges with a transformative solution that streamlines note storage and improves readability, ushering in a new era of convenience for your congregation.


The Solution:

Cloud-Powered Note-Saving for Your Congregation

Move beyond PDF’s


  • Seamless Access: Once logged into the sermon notes site, your congregation can effortlessly save their personal sermon notes directly to their own private account on the website, ensuring easy access to all their past notes. No PDF viewer needed.
  • Mobile Friendly: Unlike static PDFs, our responsive note documents adapt to any screen size. This means your congregation can enjoy a comfortable reading experience on their mobile device without all that constant zooming and scrolling.
  • Seamless Login: Your congregation won’t need to create yet another account on our platform. They can effortlessly log in using their existing Apple, Google, or Facebook accounts. No login details are ever shared with us. Alternately, they can create their own new account on the notes site, if they wish.
  • Secure Storage: No tech giants will ever have access to the note files, even if your congregation logs in with FB, Google, or Apple. We’ve prioritized data security to ensure that the notes remain private and linked only to each specific member account, on our platform only.
  • Easy Delete: All saved notes are easily deletable by your congregation.
New Feature

Inline Notes

Your congregation can now take personal notes inside of each sermon note with our new inline note field. 

  • 4 different inline fields to choose from
  • Add as many as you want, wherever you want
  • Inline note fields can be shown and hidden with click of a button
  • All personal notes are stored within the note when you save it to the cloud, email, or save as PDF.
New Feature

Sermon Image As Banner

We understand the significance of visual impact in conveying your message effectively. That’s why we’ve introduced an exciting feature that allows you to showcase your sermon image prominently at the top of each sermon note or inside the note itself.

  • Personalized Touch: Adding a sermon image to your notes injects a personalized element, making your message more engaging and memorable.
  • Visual Appeal: Your sermon notes will now stand out with this eye-catching upgrade, making them more visually appealing.
  • Bonus Feature: Upload your own images directly into the note text itself.

 How to Upgrade to Custom

Please fill out the form below to signup. We will then get in touch with you regarding the right amount to pay.



$23/monthif paid annuallyEquivalent of 2 months free! $27/month

Customize the notes software around your specific needs
  • Everything in Essentials, Pro, & Media plus:
  • *New:  Users can save their sermon notes directly to their personal notes account on the website. No PDF viewer needed anymore.
  • *New:  Multi-Campus
    – One shared account for multiple campuses.
    – Only $8/month per extra campus (60% discount).
  • We customize your notes site to better fit your needs & goals
  • Full customization of interact side panel with tabs
  • Full customization of colors
  • Sync your church website calendar events
  • Show Mailchimp Newsletters in sermon note panel via automatic sync
  • Your own unique domain name

*Churches with over 700 unique visitors at a time need FaithNotes Custom. Details in FAQ below.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions we get concerning our cloud based FaithNotes Custom package:

With the Custom account, you gain the ability to have us customize the look and functionality of your notes site based around your specific needs. No other sermon notes program lets you do that!

You also get the ability to insert more of your own custom forms, upload your own images, and allow users to save their sermon notes directly on the site for easy & secure access anytime.

We will calculate the remaining value of your existing annual subscription and apply it as a credit toward the cost of your new Custom package. This means you'll only pay the difference between the two packages for the remainder of your subscription term.

Since FaithNotes Custom sites are individually crafted and tailored to each church's needs, we can't provide a free trial for them. Instead, we recommend giving FaithNotes Pro a spin for a full 30 days at absolutely no cost. This way, you can get a taste of our software and decide if it's the right fit for you.

In the FaithNotes Custom signup form above these questions here, you can tell us what customizations you want.

Yes, you will utilize a website entirely distinct from our main website at https://sermons.church. After the transition to your new site, you won't need to log in to our primary sermons.church platform. We'll collaborate with you to determine the domain name for your new site.

Under normal circumstances, your new domain name would be something like mainstreetchurch.sermons.church.

Once you signup for FaithNotes Custom, the price will not change for you, as long as you keep your subscription active during the renewal process.

Normally it takes 2-3 business days to setup fully, depending on the customizations required and how quickly you get back to us with the info we need. Times can be longer also based on how backed up we are in custom setup requests.

Try out FaithNotesPRO for 30 days free. No payment or financial data needed.

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